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[supertagline]"I was expecting a bunch of poseurs fronting about their faith. I was gladly proven wrong."[/supertagline] What's the promo about? Greek Conference isn't always what people are expecting it to be. Who can blame them though? Plenty of stereotypes come to mind when thinking of Greeks &...

  We've been hard at work on the latest promotions for Greek Conference 2012 and today we're excited to share the final results. This year we've created two pieces to help get the word out about Greek Conference using the glossy world of magazines as our playground. We've also included a bonus fold-out poster on the opposite side of the covers to give plenty of options for those who want to promote GC in their own special way. To help you get better acquainted with this year's promotions, we've put together a brief rundown of what's in store for this year. We hope you enjoy getting the word out!