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Following Jesus is a lifelong journey that comes with highs and lows. If you are just beginning the journey, feeling lost along the way or are looking for practical help to grow in your faith, the connect concentration is a good place for you. Connect is a concentration that gives you the opportunity to connect with God in a new and fresh way, and opens up the discussion of God’s role in our life.

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Life in the Greek system presents constant challenges and temptations that make spiritual growth hard. What if it was possible to do more than just survive amidst these situations? The Bible says Jesus came that we might have life abundantly. Thrive tackles the issues Greeks face every day and provides help. Rather than focusing on merely the surface of these issues, Thrive shows us that God cares about transforming us from the inside, not just conforming our lives around rules.

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Important: Must be a new or current Chapter Ministry Leader on your campus

Your brothers and sisters may not go to a church service or campus ministry, but what if they could talk about Jesus in their very own fraternity or sorority? What if every chapter had at least one person willing to bring their faith and friends together? The Lead Concentration is designed to equip new and current Chapter Ministry Leaders with everything they need to bring Christ and their Chapter together.

Lead 101 | New Leaders

If you're committed to starting a Chapter Ministry but have no idea how to do that, then Lead 101 is the best place to start! You'll not only develop the skills necessary for leading but also the faith and confidence you need to bring your brothers and sisters closer to Christ.

Lead 201 | Current Leaders (Must Have Completed Lead 101)

Who you are as a leader is the most important thing about your Chapter Ministry. Lead 201 will enable you to grow personally as a leader so that you can help your brothers and sisters continue to grow closer to Christ.

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Important: Must be a graduating senior or have been through Lead to qualify

40% of your life will be spent working. As Greeks our ambition, hard work and ingenuity often propel us to positions of great influence in our world. Too many Greeks today are having difficulty distinguishing between working to make a living and working to make a life. What if God created work for a far greater purpose than you know? The Influence concentration is brand new this year, and whether you know what's next or not, Influence can help you flourish in life after college.

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